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Yes, it can be difficult to work with small businesses as an SEO company.
Why do we choose to?

If you’re less organized, don’t really believe in marketing budgets, run a bit by the seat of your pants, and work your business partially for the fun and enjoyment of it, then we’ll likely work well together. That’s often a small business in America.

But, we love the innovation, grey-area activity of small business; they fill the empty services space between robotic, classless mega-corps and citizens that want a personal, human caring. The beauty of it is, maybe they’re a little disorganized, but that’s mostly from replacing profits-only by going above-and-beyond putting their hearts into their work.

Our CTO: Once operating a multi-million dollar mainframe warcenter on the most advanced warship in the world, our CTO (chief tech officer) enjoyed the intensity and difficulty of advanced tech troubleshooting. “The most intense time (that I’m allowed to discuss) was when our warship once launched a tomahawk missile in test operations. The launch blast rattled loose a part in one mainframe. This broke comms with the missile, which auto-destructed as a result very near to the ship. The blast pressured the 100+ ton ship a few feet downward into the ocean. You can believe the Captain was in our warcenter in our faces at the drop of a hat.

Military training and experience gave me a tremendous ability to troubleshoot data and involve science and statistics (instead of opinions and bull-shit) in resolving solutions that matter, work, and are efficient.

John Lentini, CTO, Eagle Eye SEO

We are committed to our clients longterm thriving in business by efficiently building lasting systems, using refined tech as simple as possible to use.

  • High ISO (industry standards)
  • Local Oriented to command
  • American Business Oriented
  • Exceeding ISO in design, development, and technologies
  • Client accessibility to deliverables vs. standard “retain-for-ransom” tech standards

For over a decade, our company has provided high-quality, cost-efficient digital marketing exceeding industry standards. As the internet age changes constantly, our services have been refined and surpass that of many greater known competitors.

We pride ourselves in providing:

  • Quality Services of Marketing of Short & Long-term internet sales growth
  • Business to Client marketing to get customers at cost-efficient rates
  • Smart services personalized to each client using a variety of industry standard tools
  • Efficient administration to keep lower operating costs
  • Lead our industry in smart business growth for our clients
  • Business to Business (web devs & seo’s, ppc’s, and sm’s) to subcontract more advanced seo & marketing services to their clients

Hazel Halle

Board, General & Design Systems

Jeremy Lentini

Board, Tech & Marketing

Jennifer Broenner

Board, Ethics & Client Systems

Justin Lentini

Board, Tech Atmosphere

John Lentini

CTO, Systems & Design