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Network-solutionsSales Position

Req: Sales & Some Online Knowledge

Above ISO standard paying sales position selling online media to get clients for businesses.

Positions open in:

  • Asheville
  • Charlotte
  • Knoxville

This is for an independent contractor position with recurring payments for each sale. Initiate contact with targeted potential businesses that need media & advertising to boost their clientele. Our company performs at very high industry standard to use online
media & tools to bring in more targeted clients for businesses.

  • Work on our clients”online presence” – information online that will bring in new business.
  • We offer a higher standard at at least a 50% lesser cost than companies in our industry. We also know the target area of our clients better, and we come to know your specific business.
  • We work towards this goal more quickly & efficiently for our clients dollar (ROI).


  • Some experience with online technologies, potentially including: Social Media, SEO (Search engine optimization), search engines, urls and backlinking.
  • Sales experience
  • Self starting, taking initiative
  • References

Our basic application is below.

For over a decade, our company has provided high-quality, fractional-cost, industry standard marketing using online tools. As the internet age changes constantly, our services have been refined and surpass that of many greater known competitors.

We pride ourselves in providing:

  • Quality Services of Marketing and Long-term internet sales growth
  • Business to Client marketing to get customers at cost-efficient rates
  • Smart services personalized to each client using a variety of industry standard tools
  • Efficient administration to keep lower operating costs
  • Lead our industry in smart business growth for our clients

Our open positions: Sales and account management for a candidate with:

  • College Education in Social Media Marketing (at least 1 semester)
  • College Education in Media / Marketing
  • Some SEO, Internet technology, Google, Social Media work experience
  • Mid-level knowledge in Google Docs and MS Office
  • Prior sales experience
  • Prior accounts management – managing a client over a period of time

Daily activities would involve:

  • Engaging new potential clients using prioritized lists including generating your own potential new clients
  • Knowledgeably discussing and selling potential clients on our services and engaging objections
  • Committing clients to contracts involving each sale (3 month, 6 month, 12 month contracts for services)
  • Touching base with clients monthly during their active contract
  • Reselling by end of contract period
  • Gathering new client information and relaying information of new sales to HQ via meeting and entering information of new clients into system
  • A minimum of 3 new sales per week
  • A minimum of 4 hours per day 4 days per week

In our industry, these sales requirements are very attainable. Candidate is expected to quickly understand the requirements and correctly relay client requirements and responsibilities for engagement. Many services require minimal information from clients including any media, written information, and engagement for interviews to generate sales material and written articles.

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