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Get Clients: Small Business Get Clients. #1 Way Free No-Cost (Series: 2 of 6)

Setup this free online business directory and you’ll get more clients, guaranteed.  (Work Time 10-30 mins.)

THIS 6 part training series by teaches “Google My Business”, the most used public business directory database.

OVERVIEW: Start w/ the video above (2 of 6 in the series) and the transcription below (marked Video 2).

You’ll be able to:

  • Create a valuable profile in earth’s best business directory
  • Who should take this course? Any business or person selling services or products, especially small/medium businesses

Before starting this course:

  • Need PC or Mac Computer (or smartphone but more limited/difficult)
  • Need Images of Business: Inside, Outside, (Upside down -just kidding), People working, Facilities, any photo supporting client interaction
  • Need name of business, address, [email protected], phone #, etc.
  • Marketing style writeup pitch about your business

Google My Business (Video 1)

  • Visit
  • Visit first link
  • OR use a smartphone by searching “Google My Business” in the app store
  1. Sign in with Google account (Video 2)
  2. Search your business by name, address, or phone number (Video 3)
  3. Select “I’ve correctly entered the name and address” if not found.

Special Notes

  • It’s best to have “Marketing Research” to enter special “keywords” into your profile and webpage that will support Google labeling your business for searched valuable keywords
  • can help with this –feel free to contact us at 828.423.0208 or [email protected]
  • Correct Marketing Research will greatly enhance clients correctly finding your business. We analyze Google’s search data scientifically to determine the most valuable keywords to match your business. Google will use these to determine more correct searchers to send to your business.

2nd Steps (Video 4)

  • Enter Business Details
  • Add as much information as possible
  • Add photos of business inside, outside, at work, logo
  • Add business description
  • Add URL’s of website and best fit services into the profile

“Claim” Your Business

  • Google requires “verification” of ownership (email address
  • Must receive a postcard or phone call at the business address or phone number
  • Upon receipt, enter the special code into your My Business control panel
  • You will legally own and be able to make changes to your profile more easily
  • Add Managers to your profile: Tech admins, owners, managers

Special Notes (Video 5)

  • Some service providers may call you CLAIMING to be Google. They are often NOT Google.
  • If they call, request specifically if they ARE Google or work inside Google Inc. If they are not, they are fakes trying to charge you for this free service offered by Google. Do Not work with false internet servicers. You’ve been warned! – 828.423.0208 – [email protected]